Efforts and courage are not enough without purpose and direction. - John F. Kennedy

A++ / A--

Vector Asset Management works to generate financial returns through staged deployment of capital, following a proven trajectory. Our objective is always to advance the business or its underlying technology and to reward investors with the resultant returns.

We invest first in the people behind an exciting, highly-disruptive project, and when needed, augment existing talent with specialists who can help accelerate time to market or contribute significantly to the success of a venture. We help recruit board members and advisors, and provide lean, effective operating infrastructure with experienced corporate legal counsel, accounting and audit teams, and branding and messaging experts.

Always, we work to ensure that a business maintains the right balance between its corporate build-out and technology development.

Vector's Corporate
Build-Out Strategy:

    • Keeps costs as low as possible;
    • Maximizes potential returns;
    • Effects an executable risk management strategy through staged inflection points;
    • Grooms assets as attractive acquisition targets, and for commercial partnerships, joint-ventures, and strategic capital investors; and
    •  Spawns in-house competency for future technology development transactions.

Vector's Technology
Development Strategy:

    • Provides staged phases, which allows for nimble, on-the-fly development;
    • Aggressively advances technologies from concept to commercialization;
    • Benefit from low R&D infrastructure costs;
    • Manages or mitigates risks associated with breakthrough technologies; and
    • Leverages the experience and reputation of credible R&D partners.