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Vision is the art of seeing things invisible. - Jonathan Swift

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Vector Asset Management is a team of investors, entrepreneurs, industry professionals, and specialist analyst-advisors who identify, incubate, finance, and advance new ventures from concept to commercialization..

We target only investments with the promise of exponential returns, driven by: underlying businesses able to exploit timely opportunities; or inventions and discoveries able to solve global challenges through novel solutions. Our goal is to produce financial returns through the quantifiable growth of a business, or the advancement of a new technology.

We invest from as little as $50,000 for early proof-of-concept to $3 million for commercialization, to as much as $10 million-plus over the life-cycle of a business. When needed, we reach beyond funds available through our investor network to attract sponsorship and financing through strategic industrial/commercial partners or financial investors.

We support ventures in media, healthcare, technology, and energy, and are always receptive to highly-disruptive ideas beyond these sectors. In the commercial real estate segment, we’ve placed more than $40 million of our $100 million allocation with a private investor seeking to expand his reach into new markets.

Alongside financial capital we provide operating infrastructure, research and development proficiencies, intellectual property strategies, business development and industrial partnership introductions, and even management guidance to motivated pragmatic entrepreneurs with well-timed, compelling ideas.

We see beyond the narrow confines of a business plan, instead investing in ideas with management teams who demonstrate genuine entrepreneurial passion, and the drive to simply “get the job done!”

Ventures our investors have supported from inception include:

  • America’s premium financial media company (Chicago, IL) represents top-tier financial publishers to qualified advertisers. How? First, millions of investor-subscribers to financial publications are aggregated. Subsequently, credible advertisers seeking engagement with this highly-targeted audience are identified. When these sought-after subscribers are ‘pooled’ together, publishers achieve greater monetization and advertisers gain access to a community of investors which would otherwise be unavailable. Management includes: the Co-Founder of Zacks Investor Outreach; and, former executive-level operations and sales leaders at Forbes, TheStreet.com, Crain Communications, and Yahoo!
  • An alternative and renewable energy technology developer, who, through the development of next-generation organic polymers, has successfully prototyped the world’s first-of-its-kind see-through glass window capable of generating electricity. Collaborations have included: the US Department of Energy’s, National Renewable Energy Laboratories (Golden, CO); University of South Florida; Oakland University; and University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign.
  • Based in Boston, MA and subsequently acquired by Harborview Advisors, biotechnology research was initiated in collaboration with the US Department of Agriculture to isolate animal-derived stem cells (PICM-19), able to successfully replicate the functions of the human liver. This founding science supported the acquisition of an advanced $60 million-plus Phase II-III bioartificial liver device, reputed as the world’s most widely studied bioartificial organ of its kind. As subject of the world’s largest-ever human clinical trial of a bioartificial organ, the lives of human patients in Stage4 hepatic encephalopathy (coma) were saved. Collaborations included: US Department of Agriculture; NASA (on board Space Shuttle Mission STS-126 with USDA); McGowan Institute of Regenerative Medicine; and others.
  • Working in collaboration with Dartmouth College, our drug discovery efforts in Princeton, NJ focused on novel pharmacological compounds for the treatment of difficult-to-treat cancers, including glioblastoma. During in vivo efficacy and toxicity tests, the patented anti-cancer compound was administered to animal specimens with human brain cancer (SF295 glioblastoma xenografts) and proved to be less toxic than conventional drugs and highly effective in controlling the growth of the cancerous cells. Researchers reported: a significant reduction in tumor size; prolonged lifespan of 46%-plus for the treated group versus the control group; notably enhanced chemotherapeutic effect of the compound; and even observed “tumor cured” in one of the specimens with the deadly glioblastoma cancer.
  • Working in collaboration with the United States Department of Agriculture, Iowa State University, Ricerca BioSciences, and Latitude Pharmaceuticals, researchers successfully isolated therapeutic molecules and synthesized pharmacological compounds derived from natural compounds shown in human studies of type-2 diabetics to lower blood sugar by an average of 18 to 29 percent and total cholesterol by 12 to 26 percent. No side effects were reported.
  • Through sponsored research at Iowa State University, a novel nerve regeneration technology restored the ability of animals to walk after their severed sciatic nerves were artificially regenerated.
  • Based in Oakbrook, IL and eventually acquired by a local investment fund, a non-invasive, non-surgical, non-drug cure was discovered, developed, and commercially deployed. The treatment addressed a $20 billion urological condition, and grew from a single treatment center at inception to over 100 within 36 months, the largest outsourced urology services provider of-its-kind in the United States.